Nature's Medicine

State of the Art Cultivation and Processing.

Our farm and production facility is home to a variety of organic plants growing in the area of Jamaica notorious for producing the best cannabis.

Our facility is located in the hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Pure sunlight, natural spring water, ocean breezes and the help of the caring hands of our cultivation and processing experts for our growing plants.

Our facility has received awards for the highest standards 2 years consecutively.

Bureau of Standards Awards.

The Highest Honor in Jamaica for Standards and Business Practices.

Our Network Consists of over 3000 Farmers in Jamaica .

All Growing Natural Organic Cannabis.

We have the capability to extract over 1000 LB's of flower 360 days a year we produce pure distilate & other various forms of concentrates.


Cannabis strains unique to the island have been used for generations.

PURE combines the experience of generations of cannabis farming with the knowledge of today’s horticulture and medical science to consistently create the world’s best medical cannabis.


We are dedicated to producing PURE medicine. Our Extraction facility has earned numerous certifications including GMP & EU-GMP.

GMP certification allows PURE to export cannabis to numerous countries across the globe.

Research & Development

PURE Medicinals currently partners with organizations that offer various forms of testing and medical synthesis.

We are constantly working on creating new cutting edge medical cannabis solutions.

Treating ailments such as: Cancer Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Pain, Nausea & many other ailments.

Our Mission

Create a selection of the worlds highest quality cannabis products.

Establish the largest Cannabis Supply Network

Our Process

We cultivate the highest quality flower to create the best concentrates in our cutting edge extraction machines.

As well as a variety of other medicinal products including tinctures and edibles made with NON-GMO ingredients.

Our Team

Not Only do we have the best equipment.

We have some of the most experienced individuals on the island working with PURE Medicinals.

We only bring the best to the market.

We have over 3000 Farmers in our network all producing pure organic cannabis.

Pure Medicinals believes in creating a product that holds to nature's standard of the word “Pure”.

We do not plant anything that is not from authentically traced seed genetics.

Pure Medicinals promises to bring the best cannabis for all of our products.

We meticulously inspect for impurities at all stages of the growing, curing, packaging and processing process to ensure

Pure Cannabis.

Contact Us

(905) 409-1897

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Westmoreland, Jamaica